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Nen is a pretty complex power system compared to other shonen animes, and it’s divided into six categories. It’s a determining factor in your fighting style and the kinds of powers you’ll be able to have. Our clown Hisoka gave us a surprisingly accurate personality test that tells us what kind of Nen any person will fall into. So, instead of performing the usual water divination test, let’s have some fun with this Nen type quiz.

Nen Type Quiz

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1. How would you describe your approach to your goals?

Question 2 Image

2. How do you handle your emotions?

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3. How do you prefer to interact with others?

Question 4 Image

4. How do you approach problem-solving?

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5. What is your attitude towards teamwork?

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6. How do you handle conflicts?

How the nen type quiz works?

hisoka the responsible for describing the personality of nen users, making this nen type quiz possible

As I said, Hisoka gave us an idea with almost perfect precision to identify someone’s Nen type, making it possible to discover your Nen type based on the results of a simple personality quiz. So, here’s his description for each kind of Nen user. That’s what I used for this Nen type quiz.

What’s the personality for each Nen type?


Enhancers are determined and straightforward. They are usually honest and open about their thoughts and actions. They often act based on their emotions and are usually focused on their goals. These traits show up in their Nen abilities. Because of this, they often get a good match on the Nen Personality Test.


Transmuters are quirky and skilled at deception. They are known for being eccentric and tricky, often hiding their true selves. Even if they seem open, their real motives are hidden. Because of this, it can be hard to understand them completely.


Emitters are impatient, lack attention to detail, and react quickly with emotions. Many are hot-headed and passionate, like Enhancers. However, they cool off and forget grudges more easily. This mix makes them both intense and forgiving.


Conjurers are usually tense, serious, and stoic. They are watchful and cautious, good at observing and analyzing logically. Because they are careful, they avoid traps. Their skill in calmly assessing situations is a key strength that sets them apart from other Nen users.


Manipulators are rational and move at their own pace. They enjoy debates and care about their loved ones’ safety. However, when chasing personal goals, they can be stubborn and resistant to others’ opinions. This makes them determined but sometimes hard to influence.


Specialists are highly individualistic and charismatic. They avoid sharing personal details and keep their distance from close relationships. However, their natural charisma attracts many people. This mix of keeping a distance while being attractive to others defines their unique position among Nen users.

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