Tanjiro using sun breathing

The Demon slayer breathing styles can enhance the user’s physical abilities and allow them to combat demons. Each Breathing Style mimics an element of nature or a specific concept, replicating it through the user’s movements, techniques, and abilities.

Demon Slayer breathing styles: Origin and Evolution

Tanjiro Kamado with a dark background and face

Sun Breathing was the first Breathing Style ever created, and it served as the foundation for all other styles. The main styles—Flame, Water, Wind, Stone, and Thunder—came from Sun Breathing. Over time, new styles emerged because Demon Slayers needed techniques that fit their unique abilities. These newer styles also often draw inspiration from a wider range of concepts, including animals, plants, and emotions.

Mixing Breathing Styles

Tanjiro using water breath mixed with flame breath

Users can also mix different Breathing Styles. For example, Tanjiro Kamado combines Water Breathing with Hinokami Kagura, which is a form of Sun Breathing. By mixing these styles, he can use the strengths of both, resulting in stronger attacks and more stamina. So, combining styles helps him fight better and last longer in battles.

All Demon slayer breathing styles

Sun Breathing

tanjiro using the sun breath considered the strongest of the Demon Slayer breathing styles

Sun Breathing, also called Hinokami Kagura, is the first and most powerful of all the breathing styles. Yoriichi Tsugikuni made it. Because it was the original style, it is the base for all other Breathing Styles. Sun Breathing is known for its smooth and graceful moves that copy the sun, using techniques that overpower and burn demons. These forms are very flexible, so they can be used in many different ways.

Important Techniques:

  • Dancing Flash is a special move created and used only by Tanjiro Kamado. It combines the basics of Thunder Breathing with the strong slashing motion of the Dance technique. To perform Dancing Flash, the user first takes a deep breath. This action increases blood flow throughout the body, especially in the legs. Because of this energy buildup, the user can deliver a very fast and powerful cut.
  • Fake Rainbow is a move where the user quickly twists and turns to create afterimages. The user mainly uses these afterimages to dodge attacks. By moving fast and unpredictably, the user creates several illusions of themselves. This confuses enemies and makes it hard for them to hit the real target. This technique works especially well against enemies with sharp eyesight. Because the afterimages trick them into attacking the wrong spot, the user can avoid attacks more easily. So, the user can use Fake Rainbow to avoid attacks, plan counterattacks, and find chances to strike back while the enemy is confused.

Known Users: Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Sumiyoshi Kamado, Tanjuro Kamado, Tanjiro Kamado

Water Breathing (水の呼吸)

Tanjiro using water breath, a water ring is surrounding him

Water Breathing mimics the flow and adaptability of water, allowing users to perform techniques that are both smooth and accurate. This style is great for continuous attacks because it easily shifts between different forms and defensive moves.

Important Techniques:

  • Water Surface Slash: A swift, horizontal slash that aims to decapitate demons.
  • Water Wheel: A rotating attack that can strike multiple enemies or deal with larger opponents.

Known Users: Sakonji Urokodaki, water hashira Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro Kamado, Sabito, Makomo, Aoi Kanzaki, Murata

Flame Breathing (炎の呼吸)

Flame Breathing imitates the ferocity and heat of fire, focusing on powerful, explosive attacks. This style is known for its offensive capabilities, dealing significant damage to demons with fiery strikes.

Important Techniques:

  • Unknowing Fire A devastating slash that engulfs the target in flames.
  • Rengoku: A high-level technique that combines speed and power, often used as a finishing move.

Known Users: Shinjuro Rengoku, Kyojuro Rengoku, Mitsuri Kanroji (formerly)

Thunder Breathing (雷の呼吸)

Zenitsu in combat using Thunder Breathing

Thunder Breathing copies the quick and strong nature of lightning. It lets users make very fast and powerful attacks. This style is all about speed and hitting targets accurately, often before the enemy can react.

Important Techniques:

  • First Form: Thunderclap and Flash: A lightning-fast dash followed by a single powerful slash.

Known Users: Jigoro Kuwajima, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Kaigaku

Stone Breathing (岩の呼吸)

Gyomei praying

Stone Breathing copies the unbreakable strength and toughness of stone. It is one of the strongest breathing styles, focusing on raw power and strong defenses. This style uses the user’s great physical strength to deliver powerful hits.

Important Techniques:

  • First Form: Serpentinite Bipolar: A powerful strike that can break through almost any defense.

Known Users: Gyomei Himejima

Wind Breathing (風の呼吸)

the wind hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa using Wind Breathing

Wind Breathing replicates the force and unpredictability of wind, allowing for swift and powerful strikes that can hit multiple targets. So, this style is highly adaptable and often incorporates spinning and slicing motions.

Important Techniques:

  • First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter: A whirlwind attack that slashes through enemies in a wide radius.

Known Users: Masachika Kumeno wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa

Moon Breathing (月の呼吸)

Kokushibo using the moon breathing against hashiras

Moon Breathing is a special and powerful style in Demon Slayer. It is known for its quick and strong attacks that mix offense and defense. The sword slashes look like crescent moons, which makes it unique and visually impressive. Moon Breathing comes from Sun Breathing. It was created by Michikatsu Tsugikuni when he couldn’t master his brother Yoriichi’s Sun Breathing. Instead, Michikatsu made his own style and perfected it, even after becoming a demon.

Only Michikatsu, now known as Kokushibo, uses Moon Breathing. He combines it with his Blood Demon Art to create deadly crescent moon-shaped blades. This mix makes his attacks even more effective and lethal. Most people in the Demon Slayer Corps, including high-ranking members like Kyojuro Rengoku and Muichiro Tokito, didn’t know about Moon Breathing.

Important Techniques:

  • Sixteenth Form: Moonbow – Half Moon: A crescent-shaped slash that can be unleashed in rapid succession.

Known Users: Kokushibo

Flower Breathing (花の呼吸)

Flower breathing

Flower Breathing is derived from Water Breathing and focuses on graceful, flowing movements that emulate the beauty and fragility of flowers. This style includes techniques that enhance the user’s vision and agility.

Important Techniques:

  • Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye: An enhanced vision technique that allows the user to predict and evade enemy attacks.

Known Users: Kanae Kocho, Kanao Tsuyuri

Insect Breathing (蟲の呼吸)

Shinobu Kocho using Insect Breathing against a demon

Insect Breathing is a special breathing style, considered by many fans to be the weakest breathing style, it comes from Flower Breathing and uses fast, precise moves like insects. Users of this style make quick, small, and often surprising attacks that can poison their enemies. The techniques aim to disable or kill demons with speed, accuracy, and poison. The only known user of Insect Breathing is Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira.

Important Techniques:

  • Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon: A series of rapid stabs that inject poison into the target.

Known Users: Shinobu Kocho

Serpent Breathing (蛇の呼吸)

Obanai Iguro

Serpent Breathing is inspired by how snakes move. Practitioners like Obanai Iguro copy the smooth, twisting motions of snakes in their attacks. This creates unpredictable strikes that can trick opponents. Additionally, the technique not only makes users faster and more accurate but also makes their attacks seem like they’re weaving with phantom white serpents. This adds a mystical touch to their fighting skills.

Important Techniques:

  • First Form: Winding Serpent Slash: A twisting slash that can change direction mid-attack.

Known Users: Obanai Iguro

Love Breathing (恋の呼吸)

love hashira Mitsuri Kanroji the hashira of love

Love Breathing in Demon Slayer comes from Flame Breathing. It emphasizes swift and flexible movements that mirror the user’s emotions. Love Breathing uses fluid and graceful attacks to combine speed, agility, and heartfelt power. Because of this, it can effectively overwhelm enemies. Also, this style’s techniques are both powerful and elegant, which makes it stand out. The most famous user of Love Breathing is Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira.

Important Techniques:

  • First Form: Shivers of First Love: A powerful slash that incorporates the user’s immense strength and flexibility.

Known Users: The Love hashira Mitsuri Kanroji

Sound Breathing (音の呼吸)

Uzui Tengen using Tengen Uzui on his fight against Gyutaro

Sound Breathing, used by Tengen Uzui, includes explosive movements and sound techniques that confuse enemies. This style often uses the surroundings to make sound-based attacks stronger. Tengen, known for his flashy fighting style, relies on his sharp hearing to read his enemies’ moves. Sound Breathing techniques create loud booms and echoes that confuse and stun demons. Additionally, Tengen’s dual Nichirin cleavers and bomb-like weapons make powerful, disorienting explosions.

Important Techniques:

  • Fourth Form: Constant Resounding Slashes: A barrage of slashes accompanied by deafening sound waves.

Known Users: Tengen Uzui

Mist Breathing (霞の呼吸)

Mist Breathing, exclusive to Muichiro Tokito, mimics the obscuring nature of mist to confuse and disorient enemies. This style relies on swift, unpredictable movements to create openings for attacks.

Important Techniques:

  • Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds: A technique that creates afterimages to confuse the opponent.

Known Users: Muichiro Tokito

Beast Breathing (獣の呼吸)

Inosuke using Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing, developed by Inosuke Hashibira, mimics the ferocity and instincts of wild animals. This style is characterized by its raw, untamed movements and often involves dual-wielding swords.

Important Techniques:

  • Seventh Form: Inosuke using Beast Breathing: An enhanced sensory technique that allows the user to detect enemies in their surroundings.

Known Users: Inosuke Hashibira

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