Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is an anime with pretty good fights, and in the absolute majority of them, we have swords. These aren’t ordinary swords; the demon slayer swords, also called Nichirin Swords, have some unique traits like the meaning of their color, which we’ll be covering here today. We’ll also give a lot of examples of demon slayer swords from the anime and manga, so let’s get started.

What is a Nichirin Sword?

Nichirin Swords aren’t normal katanas, they are katanas with special traits used by demon slayers to kill demons, what make them special is that They are forged with Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Ore, both of which are found on high mountains like the Sunlight Mountain and that also absorb sunlight, what makes them a pretty good option to fight demons since they are sensible to sunlight, with those swords the demon slayer can instantly kill most normal demons by beheading them.

What do the colors of demon slayer swords mean?

Breathing Style Color
Light Purple
Light Pink
Dark Pink

Another important thing about the demon slayer swords is that their colors change according to the wilder’s breathing style. For example black words are the strongest in the anime because they’re the sword color of the sun breathing, the strongest breathing technique.

All the demon slayer swords

1. Black Swords

Tanjiro looking at his sword while it becomes black

Tanjiro’s sword, has the rarest color of the nichirin swords, in fact not even the hashiras have this color of sword. The first time he saw this color, it was showed to be a bad omen, but it’s not true, as we now know it’s the color of the sun breathing.

Tanjiro's sword breaking in contact with rui's web

During the entire anime Tanjiro has switcehd swords sometimes, he lost his first sword on his during his fight against rui, when he tried to cut one of Rui’s web, showing to the audience that was no ordinary demon, anyways Tanjiro was able to use sun breathing to defeat Rui even thought he only hd a broke sword.

Tanjiro angry and about to throw his sword at akaza

It didn’t took long to tanjiro to lose another sword he threw it at akaza and we never get to see this sowrd again.

Tanjiro with a happy smile looking at his new demon slayer sword

And finally, Tanjiro acquires his third and definitive sword. This sword originally belonged to the most powerful Demon Slayer of all time, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He discovered it inside the Yoriichi Type Zero doll during the Swordsmith Village arc. After that, Hotaru took the sword to repair it. It has a Japanese phrase on it saying “destroy demons” and features the Flame Hashira’s hilt as a way to honor Rengoku. An interesting detail is that, later in the story, this sword turns red.

Yoriichi silhouette wielding the strongest of the demon slayer swords

Another person who had a black nichirin sowrd was Yoriichi himself, and in combat his sword changed to a bright red color.

2. Kokushibo’s sword

Kokushibo wielding his sword

Kokushibo’s sword is unique and powerful one between the demon slayer swords. It’s made from his own flesh, so it’s a part of him. The fleshy katana looks eerie, with eyes on the handle and veins on the blade. The scabbard is also fleshy, adding to its creepy look. Kokushibo can change the sword’s shape and heal any damage to it. This means the blade always stays sharp and whole in battle. He can even grow extra blades from the original, making it more deadly. This turns the sword into a multi-bladed weapon like the Shichishito. Its ability to adapt and stay strong makes it a crucial part of Kokushibo’s fighting skills.

3. Blue Swords

Tomioka angry and pointing his demon slayer sword forwards

Blue swords match the Water Breathing technique. Giyu Tomioka’s nichirin sword is a good example. These swords show the flowing and adaptable nature of water, just like Water Breathing moves. Made from special ore that absorbs sunlight, they are strong against demons. Giyu’s sword, like others, uses Water Breathing moves, making it a strong weapon against demons.

4. Red Swords

Rengoku with his red sword

The Flame Breathing sword is used by Rengoku and his father. Rengoku’s red sword is a standard Nichirin katana. It has a red flame pattern, symbolizing his Flame Breathing mastery. “Destroyer of Demons” is engraved on the blade, showing its purpose. The handle is wrapped in white silk cords for a good grip. The handguard is shaped like a flame with a red core and orange border.

5. Yellow Swords

zenitsu holding his sword

Yellow swords correspond to the thunder style and he have some pretty unique ones, like Zenitsu’s sword, because instead of just being a yellow word he have the pattern of a thunder in the blade, it’s intersting that we almost didn’t get to see this sword because of zenitsu’s insane speed. But his swords stands as one of the most unique when it comes to design between the demon slayer swords we’ve previsous seen.

6. Green Wind Swords

the wind hashira with an angry expression holding his sword

Green is the color of the Wind Style used by Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira. His sword is unique and powerful. As the Wind Hashira, Sanemi wields a Nichirin blade with a green tint. This symbolizes his mastery of Wind Breathing. The blade is etched with the kanji for “kill” (殺, satsu), showing his resolve to destroy demons. The sword is more than a weapon; it is part of Sanemi’s fighting spirit. It has been with him in many battles and helped him defeat strong demons. During his battle with Kokushibo, Sanemi’s sword was crucial. By striking Gyomei Himejima’s spiked flail, he turned both weapons red. This temporarily decapitated Kokushibo, showing the sword’s power.

7. Gyomei’s Nichirin Chained Flail and Axe

Gyomei attacking kokushibo with his Nichirin Chained Flail and Axe

the Stone Hashira Gyomei Himejim, uses a unique weapon. Unlike traditional demon slayer swords, his weapon combines an axe and a flail connected by a long chain. This weapon is made from pure iron imbued with sunlight. The design is similar to a Kusarigama and uses Gyomei’s superhuman strength and hearing. Even Upper Rank One, Kokushibo, found it hard to break through. This shows its excellent craftsmanship and strategic advantages. The weapon sends vibrations that help Gyomei sense his surroundings. This makes it perfect for the blind Hashira’s combat style.

8. Shinobu’s sword

shinobu holding her nichirin sword with purple background

When it comes to insect breathing shinobu takes the spotlight, Shinobu Kocho has a special and unique Nichirin Katana. It’s different from other demon slayer swords because it’s made to make up for her lack of strength. Instead of using it to cut off demons’ heads, her sword has a rod-like shape with a needle-like tip, like an insect’s stinger. This lets her inject deadly wisteria-based poison into demons, killing them without needing to cut off their heads.

The blade is lavender-blue and has the words “Evil Demon” on one side and “Destruction” on the other. The guard, or tsuba, looks like a butterfly with an orange border. The handle is orange and wrapped in turquoise cords, ending in an orange cap. Shinobu also has a special sheath that works as a portable poison mixer and loader.

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