I heard a lot of not-so-good things about Tokyo Revengers anime, and after watching the anime, I can say it was a good surprise after all. It has its problems for sure, but it has some good points that may or may not make it worth watching. So, to know that, let’s dive in. Just a heads up, there will be spoilers for the anime ahead.


Takemichi is a weak point of the series for most of the watchers, but for me, he was my favorite character. He tries, he has good development, and he has lots of courage. He’s not one of those emotionless Sasuke archetypes. He cries, he gets beaten a lot of times, but he always finds a way out. And I actually enjoyed this character overall.

tokyo revengers characters

tokyo revengers anime wallpaper

Another point for Tokyo Revengers is its characters. In my opinion, most of them are charismatic and captivating. My favorites are Takemichi, Draken, Mikey, Chifuyu, Kisaki, Izana, Mitsuya, and Naoto. This doesn’t mean I only liked these characters, but they stand out. I liked Mikey’s character, at least until the end of the anime. His confrontation after Baji’s death and him disbanding Toman was just a great moment. That could have been the ending, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Up to that point, I liked Mikey’s character a lot. Draken is also great—you know, he’s mature, has an insane design, and is very likable overall.

The character design is really good as well, and I think it really helped out the success of the anime in the West. They are really great, you know, not repetitive, with a lot of cool stuff. I’m not any kind of specialist on it, but as an anime watcher, I liked Tokyo Revengers’ designs.

What about the animation in Tokyo Revengers anime?

I see nothing wrong with it, except for some fights that seem like slide presentations. It’s very consistent and doesn’t really bother me. In my opinion, there are no complaints about the animation; it’s good.

Mikey, a skinny guy, beats Taiju, a gigantic muscular monster.

And another thing I have to say is that I have no problem with a skinny little guy like Mikey, for example, taking down a monster like Taiju with one kick. Some people complain about that, saying the anime aims for more realistic combat, and then this happens. But personally, I just don’t mind it. I understand why some people don’t like it, but it doesn’t bother me.

Kisaki Drink scane

Another scene from the Tokyo Revengers anime where Kisaki offers a drink to Takemichi and Chifuyu. It occurs after Takemichi returns to the future knowing Kisaki's nature.

There’s a specific scene that’s so literally dumb: the scene where Kisaki offers a drink to Chifuyu and Takemichi. Chifuyu, the guy who spent several years trying to take him down in that reality, just accepts a drink from him. Takemichi is really dumb as well. How can he accept that after knowing Kisaki from the past? Couldn’t he just pass? Takemichi had just seen how Toman ended up being, and what does he do? Accepts a drink from Toman’s least reliable guy. Congrats, just congrats.

Well, there are some cringe scenes in the Tokyo Revengers anime, not gonna lie. Like in the beginning where Takemichi and his friends want to fight the guys from another school because they hurt the pride of their school. I just don’t get it, and there are going to be a lot of fights for pitiful reasons like this one.

Does Takemichi get stronger ?

A funny image to represent how Takemichi hasn't really asked for training from anyone in Toman.

Another thing that I couldn’t help but question was… okay, Takemichi is in a gang, and basically, everyone there knows how to fight. He doesn’t know how to fight, and it would be very useful. So, he’ll ask someone like Draken or Chifuyu, his best friend, to help him, right? The answer is no. And you know what he does? He punches a tire until his hand is bleeding. I don’t think I have to say anything else here. I liked Takemichi’s character, but he’s just so dumb sometimes.

Final considerations

So, after all that’s said, Tokyo Revengers can be funny. Just turn off your brain a bit, and the Tokyo Revengers anime would make for a good 2.8, which would round up to approximately 3 stars.


TY https://animanga.fandom.com/wiki/ for the help with some characters’ names and the specifics of some scenes.


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