Today it’s JoJo time again, and the focus is Part 4. For me, it’s really a mix of highs and lows. While it has some great things going for it, there are also some really bad parts. So, let’s take a look at why JoJo Part 4 was a mixed bag for me.

The Ghost Girl

The ghost girl from part 4 manga and anime of jojo's bizarre adventures

First of all, I wanna talk about the Ghost Girl named Reimi Sugimoto (thanks Google). This girl shouldn’t exist. Like, what lazy writing. I know it’s JoJo, so I’m expecting some crazy stuff, but this is too much. It’s too convenient. I liked the bizarreness of the sniper rat way more because that wasn’t some convenient plot device pulled out of nowhere to move the history forward.

The aesthetics

Morioh Town from jojo part 4

Keeping it going, I gotta mention the undeniable, let me say, artistic style of this part. In what other anime will you see an orange/yellow sky out of nowhere? It’s really stylish and vivid, and this part is really competent in creating this slice-of-life atmosphere. You know, it’s just relaxing to see and really fun to watch some episodes of pure “normal” life. Like the episode with Tonio, where Okuyasu and Josuke visit a restaurant run by a chef Stand user named Tonio, who uses his Stand to give healing properties to his food. This episode is just so funny. 

Fake Death 

okuyasu revival in jojo part 4 manga and anime

There’s another little thing that really bothered me when watching it: the fake Okuyasu death. I hate fake deaths and unfortunately, it’s a thing not only in JoJo but in a lot of other animes. Why make such a drama with Okuyasu if he’s gonna end up alive? Just don’t do it. It was really unexplained as well. Like, how did he manage to live after all that? It was what the script wanted, so it happened. If the script didn’t want it, he would’ve died and that’s how it seems to be.

The man: Yoshikage Kira

yoshikage kira from jojo part 4

Yoshikage Kira in my opinion is by far the best aspect of this part for me, and in some moments, I even found myself cheering for his victory. He has just a simple proposal that works so well, and every time he’s on screen, he gives me such a sense of tension. Although he doesn’t want to take over the world or anything like that, he can be way more fearsome than Kars or Dio, who, in their respective parts, had these kinds of goals. Not counting Dio in Part 6, because it doesn’t matter to Part 3 watchers.

The start

I could also mention the slow beginning and some parts where I couldn’t see where the story was going, unlike almost every other part. I felt lost in the beginning of this part, thinking, “No way Red Hot Chili Pepper is gonna be the final boss,” and that’s not even the biggest problem of this part, but I can’t ignore it.

Never-paid-off setups

josuke and Joseph Joestar with the invisible baby, from jojo

 Another issue is the never-paid-off setups in this part, like the invisible baby. There was an entire setup that made me question why this baby was there, and it turned out to be, well, nothing. The baby is just there. We spent a lot of time with this setup, and nothing came of it, although this episode did help develop Joseph and Josuke’s relationship. Then there’s the Josuke flashback, which was introduced and then left hanging. It can be interesting because of the theories and questions it raises, but like, mainly with the baby, was it necessary?

Jotaro as a mentor

jotaro kujo from jojo's bizarre adventure

And I really liked Jotaro’s role. To me, he works better as a mentor than as a protagonist. Because he’s there, he’s badass, but some of the cast characters from Part 3 got more development and backstory than him. So, that being said, I like his new role as a supporting character. And the fact that he’s the one who gives the final punches that actually take down Kira (sorry, ambulance) is just really great. he’s not even the protagonist of the part but he’s the one to take down the main vallain. It was just great for me.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked it. Don’t agree? Leave your comment below. See you in the next post!

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