In the fight between Satoru Gojo and Ryomen Sukuna in the manga of Jujutsu Kaisen, after satoru gojo death, fans were left reeling as the seemingly invincible Gojo fell. How did Sukuna pull off this incredible feat? This article explains what led to Gojo’s defeat and how exactly it happened. So, let’s continue.

Mahoraga’s contribution for satoru gojo death

Sukuna and Mahoraga in Sukuna's fight against Gojo.

It was clear that Gojo’s Six Eyes made him almost immune to Sukuna’s attacks unless Sukuna used his domain expansion for sure hits. Sukuna’s secret weapon was Mahoraga, a shikigami that can adapt to any technique. In Chapter 234 of the manga, something very important happens when Mahoraga’s wheel turns, showing it has adapted to Gojo’s techniques.

Contrary to what people first thought, Sukuna didn’t just throw a cutting attack. Instead, Mahoraga made the cut appear inside Gojo’s arm, cutting it off. This method got past Gojo’s defenses, which had worked before against Sukuna’s outside attacks because of Gojo’s reversed cursed energy.

Satoru Gojo’s Exhaustion

Satoru Gojo exhausted

Sukuna’s plan was to let Gojo use his Hollow Purple technique, making Gojo too tired to use his healing power. This tiredness gave Sukuna a chance for a deadly attack. Mahoraga’s ability to adapt helped Sukuna keep finding ways to get past Gojo’s Infinity, leading to Gojo’s defeat.

The Final Blow: how satoru gojo death happened

the panel of sukuna praising gojo after satoru gojo death

The climax happened when Mahoraga learned how to attack the space around Gojo. Sukuna copied this by using his cursed energy to make a spatial cut that separated Gojo from the world. This plan, while it made sense, made fans question if it followed the rules of Gojo’s Infinity. Still, it worked, leading to Satoru Gojo’s death.

Aftermath and Fan Reactions to satoru gojo death

satoru gojo death

The battle ended with Gojo, the strongest modern sorcerer, falling to Sukuna, the King of Curses. Even though Gojo performed better throughout the fight, Sukuna’s skills and use of Mahoraga’s adaptation ability changed things in his favor. This result left fans with mixed feelings, as Gojo’s strength in the fight made his defeat and death hard to accept.

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