Kurpaika is one of the most intersting and famous charatcers in HxH, so intersting that he even got to be the protagonist of the anime, that’s why in this post I will explore Kurapika’s character, his nen abilities, intriguing trivia, and more. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, you’ll find something interesting about Kurapika here. So let’s begin.


Who is Kurapika?

kurapika from hunter x hunter smiling
Age 17 – 19 years old
Nen Type Conjurer / Specialist
Date of Birth April 4th

Kurapika is the last surviving member of the Kurta Clan, known for their special Scarlet Eyes that glow red when they feel strong emotions. But, these eyes are not just a visual trait but play a crucial role in his abilities.

Kurapika is introduced as a calm and smart individual, but his backstory adds depth to his character. His entire clan was killed by the Phantom Troupe, a group of criminals who wanted the Scarlet Eyes for their beauty and value. This tragic event fuels his quest for revenge, pushing him to become a Hunter so he could gain the skills and resources needed to track down the Phantom Troupe and recover his clan’s stolen eyes.


Kurapika’s Powers and Abilities

kurapika chains

Kurapika is super smart, which makes him really strong in the series. He uses restrictions cleverly with nen, showing he’s a master at it. This makes him one of the best examples of how to use nen in all of Hunter x Hunter.

Nen Categories and Kurapika’s Specialization

Kurapika using his ability "emperor time"

Nen users belong to one of six categories: Enhancement, Emission, Manipulation, Transmutation, Conjuration, and Specialization. Kurapika is naturally a Conjurer, but under certain conditions, he can access Specialization abilities thanks to his Scarlet Eyes.

  • Conjuration: As a Conjurer, he can create objects from his aura. His main weapon is a set of chains, each with different abilities.
  • Specialization: When Kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet, he gains access to all Nen categories, making him extremely versatile, and in this state, known as Emperor Time, he can use abilities beyond his natural Conjuration skills.

Kurapika’s Chains

Kurapika using his chains in combat

Kurapika’s chains are his main weapon, and each chain has a special ability used for a different purpose and with different restrictions. So, let’s see what each of them is capable of:

1. Chain Jail

uvogin gets caught by chain jail

This chain wraps around the target, restricting their movement and Nen abilities. It has the immense restriction of only working on members of the Phantom Troupe due to a Nen condition Kurapika imposed on himself, making the Chain Jail practically unbreakable when used on them. If he dares to use it on someone else, he will die.

2. Judgment Chain

Judgment Chain hxh

Kurapika’s Judgment Chain ability uses a blade called the Chain of Retribution. It pierces the victim’s body and wraps around their heart. Kurapika sets two rules for the victim. If they break either rule, the chain squeezes their heart, causing death. He can only use this power when his eyes are scarlet. Kurapika connects the blade to his own heart to enforce the rules of the Judgment Chain.

3. Dowsing Chain

Kurapika using Dowsing Chain

Kurapika’s Dowsing Chain is a useful tool in both fights and investigations. It ends with a small ball that swings like a pendulum. In battles, it helps Kurapika attack and defend quickly. Outside fights, it finds missing people by moving toward them and spots lies by swinging. In groups, it works best when one person speaks at a time. During Emperor Time, Kurapika can use this ability on video if he’s met the person before. He’s not sure exactly how this part of his power works, but he thinks his intense focus and the chain’s movement help him find lies without realizing it.

4. Holy Chain

Kurapika using holy chain

This chain has healing properties. It’s conjured but uses enhancement to mend injuries quickly.

5. Stealth Dolphin

Kurapika's ability Stealth Dolphin

When Kurapika activates Emperor Time, he calls forth a dolphin-like Nen Beast that only he can see and hear. This dolphin can study and use stolen abilities, letting Kurapika or others use them. If the dolphin lends an ability to someone who can’t use Nen, it opens their Aura Nodes, making them temporary Nen users. These stolen abilities can only be used once before going back to the original owner. Emperor Time stays active until all stolen abilities are returned. The dolphin tells Kurapika how long Emperor Time will last unless it is put on standby. If Kurapika faints while someone else uses a loaned ability, they will faint too.

6. Emperor Time

Kurapika with the scarlet eyes

Emperor Time is a double-edged sword for Kurapika. It gives him full efficiency in all Nen categories on the nen chart, but it has a big drawback. For every second he spends in Emperor Time, he loses one hour of his life. This severe limit makes him use Emperor Time sparingly and carefully, adding urgency and tension to his battles.


Intriguing Facts About Kurapika

Kurapika thinking
  1. Voice actors for Kurapika have changed over time. In the 1999 anime, Yuki Kaida voiced him. Miyuki Sawashiro played Kurapika in the 2011 version, giving the character a different feel. In English, Cheryl McMaster voiced Kurapika in 1999, while Erika Harlacher did so in 2011.
  2. Inspirations and Influences: Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of “Hunter x Hunter,” has cited various influences for his characters. Kurapika’s design and personality bear similarities to Kurama from Togashi’s earlier work, “Yu Yu Hakusho.” Both characters share a calm demeanor, strategic mind, and a deep sense of duty and loyalty.
  3. Popularity: Kurapika is consistently one of the most popular characters in “Hunter x Hunter.” His unique blend of intelligence, strength, and vulnerability resonates with fans. In various character polls, he often ranks in second place.
  4. Name Origin: Kurapika’s name is a combination of “Kuruta,” referring to his clan, and “Pika,” a Japanese word for something that shines or glows. This directly relates to his Scarlet Eyes, which glow brightly when activated.


Kurapika’s participation in arcs

Kurapika in a fighting pose.

Kurapika’s journey is closely tied to the main plot of “Hunter x Hunter,” he’s like the second protagonist of HxH. Here are some key points in the series where Kurapika plays a central role:

1. The Hunter Exam Arc

Kurapika in the Hunter Exam arc.

Kurapika’s introduction occurs during the Hunter Exam, where he meets Gon, Killua, and Leorio. His calm and collected nature contrasts with the other characters, but it’s clear from the start that he has a deep, underlying motivation driving him. His combat skills and intelligence help him and his friends navigate the exam.

2. Yorknew City Arc

Kurapika with a neutral expression and wind blowing his hair

In the Yorknew City arc, Kurapika’s story becomes the main focus. He’s determined to confront the Phantom Troupe and get back his clan’s eyes. His sharp mind and Nen abilities are key as he faces some of the series’ toughest foes.

This arc also dives deep into Kurapika’s emotions and thoughts. His quest for revenge isn’t just about heroism; it’s full of tough choices and personal sacrifice. His interactions with the Phantom Troupe, especially Chrollo Lucilfer, are intense and filled with hidden meanings.

3. The Succession War Arc

Succession War arc cover photo with Kurapika in the center.

In the Succession War arc, Kurapika takes on the role of a bodyguard for Prince Woble and the protagonist of the anime, one of the heirs to the Kakin Empire’s throne. Additionally, this arc explores his prowess and his ability to navigate the political landscape. Moreover, his Nen abilities continue to evolve. Furthermore, his commitment to protecting the prince adds another dimension to his character.

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