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Yuta Okkotsu has the jujutsu kaisen version of a classic power in anime: the ability to copy abilities from others. In his case any cursed technique. But how does Yuta copy techniques? In this post, I’ll explain how it works, give examples of innate techniques Yuta has copied, explain how it relates to his domain expansion and more. So, let’s keep going.

Yuta’s cursed technique

This ability is called Copy, and it’s the innate technique of Yuta Okkotsu. It allows Yuta to replicate another person’s innate technique.

How does Yuta’s cursed technique works?

Yuta and Rika from jujutsu kaisen

how does yuta copy techniques? Yuta can copy someone’s innate technique, with the known condition that Rika must consume part of the original user’s body. It is not confirmed if there are more conditions. Rika stores the techniques, and Yuta can use those abilities stolen by Rika.

Copy and Yuta’s domain expansion

Yuta's domain expansion "True Mutual Love"

Yuta’s domain expansion is one of the strongest we’ve seen so far in Jujutsu Kaisen. Additionally, it allows Yuta to use any of the cursed techniques he copied by picking one of the katanas present in his domain, each representing a different copied technique. However, Yuta doesn’t know what ability is imbued in each katana. Once he chooses one of them, Yuta uses a guaranteed hit attack on his opponent. Then, the katana disappears from the domain.

Abilities replicated by Yuta

Ryomen Sukuna’s Cursed Technique

Yuta using ryomen sukuna's cursed technique called "cleave"

Yuta can even copy Sukuna’s cursed technique, allowing him to launch slashes of cursed energy with cleave and use Dismantle. Though not as powerful as Sukuna’s, Yuta has plenty of time to improve it, assuming Gege Akutami doesn’t kill him off first. Yuta even used it in the face of the King of Curses.

Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech

Yuta using Inumaki's cursed speech

Yuta can also use Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech, a powerful technique passed down through the Inumaki family. Cursed Speech allows the user to infuse their words with cursed energy, compelling those who hear them to obey commands. Because this ability is extremely potent, it can be difficult to control.

Initially, Yuta used a megaphone marked with the Snake Eyes and Fangs symbol to amplify his commands. For instance, he once used this technique to command Geto’s curses to die. However, he had difficulty controlling the energy. Later on, he could even successfully use it against Sukuna.

Kenjaku’s brain transplant

Yuta using Kenjaku's ability to control Gojo's corpse

In the manga, there’s a controversial moment where Yuta uses Gojo’s body. This is only possible because Yuta stole Kenjaku’s ability to take over someone else’s body. With this power, he can use the Six Eyes and even Gojo’s domain expansion, Limitless, for a five-minute period.

sky manipulation from takako uro

sky manipulation from jujutsu kaisen

Yuta Okkotsu’s use of Sky Manipulation, a technique he learned from Takako Uro, showcases his remarkable ability to adapt and grow. This technique lets him treat the sky as a tangible surface, allowing him to manipulate space and launch unique attacks. One standout move, Thin Ice Breaker, is an extension of Uro’s sky control. Instead of striking directly, the user hits the surface of the sky, creating a shattering effect that cracks like thin ice and hits the target with increased force. Yuta first used Thin Ice Breaker on Ryu Ishigori, delivering a blow so powerful it made Ishigori spit up blood.

Clairvoyance from Charles

Yuta and charles both able to use Clairvoyance

Yuta Okkotsu has also mastered the technique known as clairvoyance. This ability, which originally belonged to Charles Bernard and was called G Warstaff, allows Yuta to glimpse the future. G Warstaff uses a large pen to draw manga panels with the opponent’s blood, enabling the user to predict future movements. Although the specifics of when and how Yuta acquired this technique are unknown, he has effectively incorporated it into his skill set. For instance, Yuta successfully utilized this ability against the king of curses.

Angel’s Technique Extinguishment

Hana Kurusu from jjk

Yuta Okkotsu’s acquisition of Technique Extinguishment from the ancient sorcerer Angel boosts his already impressive abilities. This technique nullifies all jujutsu techniques, including barriers and seals, originally wielded by Angel. With this power, Yuta can exorcise powerful cursed spirits and objects like Sukuna. Jacob’s Ladder, a manifestation of this technique, emits beams of purifying light that can burn and injure curses on contact. This ability was crucial in freeing Satoru Gojo from the Prison Realm. Yuta’s mastery of Technique Extinguishment demonstrates his adaptability and formidable strength in battles against curses.

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