If you’re in Jujutsu Kaisen, I’m sure you heard about simple domain and domain amplification at least once. But do you get exactly what are these? and specially whats the difference between them? if not, don’t worry after reading this post, you’ll have a perfect undersand of what are these, and will have a better jujutsu kaisen experience, so let’s keep going on Simple Domain vs Domain Amplification.

What is a Simple Domain?

simple domain from jujutsu kaisen

Simple Domain is an anti-domain technique that forms a small barrier around the user. This barrier stops the guaranteed-hit effect of a Domain Expansion by breaking its barrier. While Simple Domain only gives the user some extra time against strong domains, it is still a useful defensive tool. Also, Simple Domains can be changed with different rules, making them good for both defense and attack.

Kasumi Miwa's Simple Domain

Kasumi Miwa’s Simple Domain is a special skill. She creates a barrier on the ground around her, covering 2.2 meters. When someone steps into this area, she automatically attacks them with her Sword Drawing technique. The skill stops if Kasumi moves both feet from where she first made the barrier.

What is a Domain Amplification?

Satoru Gojo defending himself from attacks using his domain amplification in shibuya arc

Domain Amplification is an advanced technique that counters other cursed techniques and domain expansions. Unlike Domain Expansion, which lets the user create a new space, Domain Amplification surrounds the user with a thin barrier. This barrier neutralizes any incoming cursed techniques by creating an empty space that absorbs and cancels out attacks on contact. As a result, an attack boosted by Domain Amplification always hits its target, regardless of the opponent’s defenses or techniques.

Sukuna’s use of domain amplification

manga panels of sukuna's domain amplification in his fight against gojo

One big downside of domain amplification is that the user can’t use their innate technique at the same. However, if someone really strong, like Sukuna, uses amplification while their domain expansion is already up.

a panel of sukuna defending himself using his domain amplification in the jujutsu kaisen manga

they can still use their main power because it’s part of that space. Sukuna showed this in his fight with Gojo in Shinjuku. He used domain amplification to counter Gojo’s Infinity, switching between his main power and amplification by controlling his cursed energy really well.

Simple domain vs Domain amplification

simple domain vs domain amplification

Domain amplification and simple domain are Anti-Domain Techniques, but they’re different in how they work and how complicated they are. Simple domain creates a basic barrier that stops any cursed technique, but it keeps the user inside, limiting how they can move and making them more likely to get hit in a fight. On the other hand, domain amplification is fancier. It wraps the user in an invisible zone that cancels out cursed techniques when they touch it. This means the user can move around freely and fight up close while still being able to stop enemy techniques. Plus, domain amplification can even make an opponent’s domain expansion less effective, which simple domain can’t do.

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