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Adult Gon vs Meruem, who would win this fight? That’s what we’ll see here today. Gon in his adult form, after making the Nen restriction that sacrifices all his potential and future, against the pre-Rose Chimera Ant King. So, let’s keep going.

A misunderstanding about Adult Gon vs Meruem

neferpitou afraid of gon

First of all, let me show you what Pitou actually said in the anime. In the anime, she says Adult Gon was as strong as the King. But that’s a mistranslation; that’s not what she meant. What Pitou really said was, “I was right, his fangs can reach the King.” This means when Pitou saw Gon in his adult form, she was afraid Gon could eventually come to hurt the King. But does that mean he’s as strong as Meruem? Not exactly. Pitou’s statement means Gon had the potential to land a hit, not necessarily that he could win in a fight.

Meruem is smater

meruem and komugi playing gungi

Although being less than 1 year old, Meruem could actually read Isaac Netero like a book, being able to take two legs and an arm one after another. Remember, Isaac Netero has a score of 5 out of 5 according to official databooks. Meruem was probably one of, if not the smartest, beings on Earth at that moment.

In the other hand Gon did well in the fight against the Bomber, which isn’t such a deal as dealing with Issac Netero and reading his almost infinite possible movements like Meruem did. So, unless Adult Gon is way smarter than kid gon, Meruem takes a huge, huge advantage in this regard. Not to say Gon is dumb, in fact, he’s a pretty good fight strategist and certainly a great prodigy, but Meruem is just on another level. So, Adult Gon vs Meruem: 0 x 1.

Meruem’s insane Durability

isaac netero vs meruem

As we saw, Meruem has the greatest durability ever displayed in HxH. He left almost unharmed by Netero’s Zero Hand. I really don’t see Adult Gon leaving that as unharmed as Meruem did, and in any way, I don’t believe Gon would have a response for the King’s durability.

Adult Gon vs Netero

Gon thinking

Analyzing the Adult Gon vs. Netero matchup is crucial because Meruem didn’t struggle against Netero. While Gon is strong, he lacks the experience and speed compared to Netero. We know that Netero exchanged over a thousand punches in a minute against Meruem, showing at least that Gon wouldn’t do much better than him. Although Gon’s brute force might give him a slight edge, it is not enough to win. Therefore, Adult Gon vs. Netero is a neck-to-neck fight. So Gon would not do much against Meruem either.

adult gon vs meruem: the winner

adult gon vs meruem

In conclusion, Gon would give Meruem a hard time in a fight, but Meruem is the winner. His intelligence and durability would be way too much even for Adult Gon. If you have any other arguments or opinions, leave them in the comments; I’ll gladly answer you.

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