Gon and Killua have great potential as Nen users in Hunter x Hunter. Gon is a very smart guy, especially in battle, and a good Nen user for his age. The same is true for his best friend, Killua. He is an assassin who has gone through years of rough training. So, with that said: Is Killua stronger than Gon? Let’s find out.

Killua’s Strengths

Killua from HunterxHunter

Killua, as a Zoldyck family member, has a background steeped in rigorous training and dangerous missions. This upbringing gives him superhuman strength since the hunter exam. One significant advantage for Killua is his experience; he’s been an assassin since he was almost a baby. This provides him with extensive experience and strategic expertise in battle.

Killua on his godspeed form

Killua also has his Godspeed. Even Youpi and Shaiapouf, two of Meruem’s royal guards, couldn’t follow him while he used Swift Thunder, one of his Godspeed abilities. With Swift Thunder, Killua goes on autopilot. He breaks the human limit of speed, sending electric signals to his brain at an inhuman speed. With that said, Gon would never be able to keep up with his speed in this state.

Gon’s Strengths

Gon with a serious face facing a chimera ant

Gon is a naturally talented Nen user, learning things way faster than any normal person would. He has a lot of raw power, but this is not his only strong point. We’ve already seen a demonstration of how Gon can be a very good strategist and very cold in executing a plan, even when things go a bit wrong.

Gon fighting against the bomber in greed island arc

Gon showed his skill in his fight against the Bomber during the Greed Island arc. Even though Bisky helped him, it’s still a point for Gon. Additionally, Gon has the best Nen type for battle. Enhancement is well-known for its balance between offense and defense. We can also cite his intelligence in his fight against Hisoka in Heaven’s Arena. He used the ground to his advantage, showcasing his strategic mind.

So, after all, Is killua stronger than gon?

Killua zoldyck in the greed island arc, concluding that  killua is stronger than gon

So, is Killua stronger than Gon? The power system in Hunter x Hunter isn’t that simple, but Killua has many advantages over Gon, making him the likely winner. In Hunter x Hunter, strength depends on motivation. For example, Gon could use his adult form to beat Killua in a hypothetical fight. But in a real fight, Killua would win. Godspeed is too much for Gon to handle, and Killua is a better strategist with all his experience.

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