Nen is the technique of manipulating aura. The life energy in the Hunter x Hunter world, as a mass of energy that revolves around them. This energy can be used for a lot of different purposes, So because of that we have six different Nen types, and to understand the relations between each nen type and how it’s supposed to be used, we have to understand the Nen chart. So, let’s dive in this wonderful power system created by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Uvogin's bigbang punch

Enhancment is the nen category that covers the good old hard punches, it’s focus is strengthen the capabilities of it’s user or an object. This category has a good alance between defense and ofsente, making it very suitable for combat, more specifically for close range combat.


Emission Nen hunter x hunter

Emission is a type of Nen that includes the capability of separating one’s aura from their body. Their Nen abilities can involve shooting projectiles, for example. An important point is that aura loses a lot of its power when separated. A good Emitter can minimize this loss, making the projected aura almost as powerful as the aura still attached to their body.


transmuter hunterxhunter

Transmutation is the type of Nen that consists of changing the properties of your aura. This means that the living energy surrounding the transmuter can take on the properties of any substance, from electricity to rubber and gum.


Kurapika using his nen chains in Hunter x Hunter

Conjuration’s focus is creating an object using aura. Let’s not confuse transmutation with it. Transmutation’s focus is giving the aura the properties of certain substance(s), while conjuration creates actual objects like chains, weapons, or whatever you want, even being able to give them some special abilities. It has a pretty decent range and is very versatile.


Shalnark using manipulation in a mafia member

Manipulation abilities are used to control other living beings or objects. We usually see manipulators using an object called a medium in order to use their Nen abilities, such as Illumi’s needles. In Illumi’s case, once he attaches a needle to someone, he can control that person.


Chrollo using his ability skill hunter

At the very bottom of the nen chart, this type, in fact, covers abilities that don’t fit into any of the other categories. For example, a specialist can have a book that steals other people’s nen abilities. So, what Nen category would it be? Well, however, who can tell. Because it doesn’t fit into any of the five categories mentioned earlier, it’s classified as Specialization.

Back to the nen chart

an most detailed example of the nen chart, showing what all types of nen are capable of

As we can see, all six categories are covered in the chart. Each individual is naturally driven to one of those categories, using it at its full potential. Additionally, they are capable of using the others, but in a less effective way than if they belonged to that Nen category.

The nen chart of an enhancer

The nen chart for an enhancer

Gon is an enhancer, so he can use enhancement abilities at their full power. Also, he can use emission and transmutation abilities at 80% of their power. However, manipulation and conjuration abilities are less effective for him, reaching only 60% of their power. Because specialization is the opposite of enhancement, it’s impossible for Gon to use it.

Nen chart percentage for an enhancer

Nen Type Percentage
Enhancement 100%
Emission 80%
Transmutation 80%
Manipulation 60%
Conjuration 60%
Specialization 0%

The nen chart of a specialist

nen chart of a specialist

In the image above, we have the representation of the Nen chart of a Specialist, whose Nen abilities can’t fit any other category. So, let’s take a look at how much an specialist can use of each of the nen types.

Nen chart percentage for a specialist

Nen Type Percentage
Specialization 100%
Conjuration 80%
Manipulation 80%
Emission 60%
Transmutation 60%
Enhancement 40%

The nen chart of a Manipulator

In the image above, we have the representation of the Nen chart of a Manipulator, whose Nen abilities primarily involve controlling objects or living beings. So, let’s take a look at how much a Manipulator can use each of the Nen types.

Nen chart percentage for a Manipulator

Nen Type Percentage
Manipulation 100%
Emission 80%
Enhancement 60%
Conjuration 60%
Transmutation 40%
Specialization 0%

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