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Ever wondered what is the weakest devil fruit out there in one piece that’s more “meh” than menacing? Today, we’ll uncover the weakest Devil Fruit ever to grace the Grand Line. So, grab your Straw Hat and let’s begin!

Answering The title’s question: what is the weakest devil fruit?

So, which Devil Fruit takes the crown for being the absolute weakest? it’s the Jacket-Jacket Fruit, Never heard of it? No surprise there. It’s probably hiding out of embarrassment.

The Jacket-Jacket Fruit

The jake jake no mi  the weakest devil fruit in one piece

This Zoan-type fruit was eaten by Kelly Funk, one of the Funk Brothers. Here’s the deal: the Jacket-Jacket Fruit allows Kelly to transform into, well, a jacket. Yep, you read that right—a jacket. His brother, Bobby Funk, wears him to gain a boost in strength. Imagine transforming into a piece of clothing and relying on someone else to actually do the fighting. Not exactly a recipe for becoming the Pirate King, is it?

Why is this the weakest devil fruit?

One Piece fans often talk about the weakest Devil Fruit, and the Jacket-Jacket Fruit is a popular pick. Imagine diving into the Grand Line, hoping for an awesome power-up, and you get this fruit. Kelly Funk ate it, and it lets him turn into a jacket. To do anything useful, someone else has to wear him, like his brother Bobby. It’s like being a superhero who needs their sidekick to use their powers. In a world full of people who can breathe fire, control ice, and change the weather, becoming a jacket seems pretty lame. This fruit has no solo potential and needs others to work. So, it’s often seen as the most “meh” of all Devil Fruits.

Honorable Mentions to worst devil fruit

Beri Beri no Mi

the user of the second weakest devil fruit in one piece

Have you ever wanted to turn into a bunch of berries? Probably not. The Beri Beri no Mi lets you split your body into many spheres that look like berries. At first, this might seem interesting, but you quickly realize you are just a human maraca. This power is not very scary, especially when your enemies can slice through steel and summon tsunamis.

Kilo Kilo no Mi

the kilo kilo no mi user

This fruit lets you change your weight from 1 to 10,000 kilograms. While it might seem useful for weightlifting or making a big entrance, in a fight, it’s not very helpful. Unless you have a smart plan, you’re just someone who can be very light or very heavy. Therefore, it’s a cool party trick but not the kind of power needed to become the Pirate King.

Sube Sube no Mi

Alvida from one piece after using her devil fruit

The Sube Sube no Mi makes your skin super slippery, so everything slides off you. Great for a career in professional oil wrestling, but in a fight? It’s not going to save you from a fire punch or an ice sword. Plus, it’s not even that great for defense unless you’re up against a hug attack.

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